Even *more* useless info, I've never heard of Sandusky! LOL

I'm wearing Zoya Lola on my toes and Zuzu on my fingers. I'm really loving Lola; it's such a bright pink that's perfect for sandal weather.
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I want Zuza! How do you like it? I have and love Charla but have only worn it on my toes. I want Zuza for my fingers (and toes!).

I'm currently wearing Milani Key West. It appears more blue in the photos, but it's more teal green. The first photo is closest, but it's much shinier IRL.
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Zuza is very pretty, but it chipped so easily! I don't have very good luck with my fingers, though, so next time I think I'll use it for a pedicure (I can get a pedicure to last for weeks!)
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that's not good to hear.

I chose Zoya's Zuza! Its such a lovely eye catching shade of color. I had read on a few nail blogs that you might want to use a base coat with this color, a few girls that did swatches had staining. I used 1 coat of base coat, 2 coats of Zuza and then 2 layers of top coat to protect from chipping. I am Happy to report that after giving my 3 Yorkies a bath, I am still chip free!
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That IS good to hear! I always use base and top coats, so I should be ok. It's still on my wish list.

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