I think the whole acceptance of gay marriage would do good for the youth, since I personally believe and from my own personal experience, that the majority of us are in support of gay marriage. But I think it'll harm older and more conservative generations who were on the fence.

Personally, I am happy that he supports gay marriage, but I'm not sure how this will work for him this year
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I agree. My grandma and her friends are socially conservative but leaning toward Obama because they're scared of losing their Medicare. Most of them are Catholics and religious so are paying attention there. They could go either way. I don't know about other religions but the Church is getting more involved in politics and I know something like this is going to influence voters who are made to feel guilty about voting for Obama already.
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Maybe it's just the area I'm from, but I see just as many people in their 20's against gay marriage as older people against it. I also come from a fairly conservative city, and went to Catholic schools all my life, so that could be part of it.
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Me, too. I've noticed when checking up on old friends from Catholic school on Facebook that many of the ones who stayed with the faith also proudly display that they're conservatives. Those that I know or suspect are no longer Catholic appear to be liberal or at least they have down that they support liberal issues.

Most ppl I went to school with left this area. I'd say there are more than not who have moved to more liberal areas and support liberal values. Actually even among my Republican friends here, a good portion of them support gay marriage. I do think this generation in general is more liberal at least compared to 40 somethings and above. I don't really know about the gen slightly under me, the late teens and early 20's.