While stating his support for same-sex marriage will likely influence his campaign (positively is my guess), and is a great thing for a president to affirm, what's he going to do about making it happen? Marriage laws are determined at the state level. He did determine Clinton's Defense of Marriage Act (said marriage was between a man and a woman) unconstitutional in 2011, which is good. But how is he going to help make the legality of same-sex marriage a reality?

So while I think it's a positive thing that he finally publicly stated his support of gay marriage, I don't really care what he or any president believes in their heart. I care what they actually DO. Everyone makes excuses for why presidents "can't" stand up and do something about what they really believe in, (it will hurt their reelection, Republicans won't let them, they have to wait til their 2nd term, etc.) but I think that lets them off way too easy. I'm tired of politics coming before representing the people and doing what's right. IMO our electoral system is really disgusting.
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