Hi Phoenix! I've never used lip liner before, and I'm not sure how to make it look subtle.

I'd like to use the lip liner as a stain under sheer lipstick, and also to outline my lips so the lipstick won't bleed. I'd be using it for both purposes at the same time. But, I'd like it to look like I'm not wearing lip liner. Does that make sense? The liner is MAC Chicory and the lipstick is MAC Hot Tahiti (glaze finish).

Here's where it gets tricky. My lips are naturally look sort of like this, although the difference in colors isn't nearly as extreme.

My lips are naturally pigmented. But on the bottom lip, the pigmented area extends past the actual lip, as if I had surrounded the lip with a dark liner to make it look bigger. So I'm not sure whether to line the whole pigmented area, or just the actual lip.

I'd really appreciate your advice, and I hope my description made sense!
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Hi! Here's what I think would work: cover your lips (including that pigmented edge) with a dab of foundation/concealer before applying any lip colors. That will create more of a blank canvas so you can literally draw on any lip shape you want with the liner, fill in your lips with the liner too, then blend it to a consistent color using a lip brush. You can also use the brush to "blur" the edge of the liner and soften the look, so it won't look so liner-y and precise.

The foundation/concealer will also help prevent bleeding too.

Let me know how that works for you!

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