I don't think believing that (God ordained) marriage is between a man and a woman and believing that secular government should have equal laws and rights for all of its citizens is hypocritical or "political" in the sense of pandering. My personal religious beliefs should not impact my ability to do what's fair, equitable, and constitutional for others who don't share those beliefs. I believe that's Obama's stance. As he's not an ordinary citizen like me , it makes sense (to me) why he would not take this on as his campaign agenda in a first term - taking on universal healthcare, the financial crisis, and the war impacted most if not all Americans, while taking on rights for GLBT citizens would not have (even though some on both sides say it does).

Also, he had the whole being Black thing to deal with - I'm not sure even Black voters, especially all of the many conservative Black voters, would have been able to cast aside their opposition of gay marriage to vote for him in a first term. I believe Hilary would have won if he'd done that. Political aspirations aside, most good leaders' priorities would also be working on more global, universal issues full steam, and chipping away at other important but less global concerns, such as same sex marriage, over time - Obama has done this.

I don't know if it was wise for him to say this at this time, but I think it's honorable. It is a calculated risk I'm sure, with many great political minds behind the how if not the what/why, but now it's officially on the agenda, and he won't have to listen to opposing folks say he pulled a bait and switch if he had waited until after the elections to announce this. I'm not sure what he will accomplish, but so far his track record is pretty good for focusing on and meeting his campaign goals, even if the solutions don't appease everyone. Change takes time - the Civil Rights Act and all we include today as related took 8 years and 3 additional tries. I don't see any less bipartisanship now than then, and perhaps more with Obama in office. I think he's doing a pretty decent job with all he's facing, and I was a Hilary supporter.
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