Seems like this thread died for a while and then came back to life, but what a nice thread to look through

Have seen some really yummy heads of hair on here, including (but certainly not limited to)
Mickey Dolenz, Anthony Bourdain, Colin Firth, Christopher Atkins (though he's only curly in Blue Lagoon), Adrian Grenier...the list could go on.

Also wanted to mention some that haven't as yet been mentioned: David Sutcliffe (from Gilmore Girls)

Also one of my favorite curlies of all time that hasn't been mentioned: Arlo Guthrie. And he's still rocking the curls all these years later.

3a/2c depends on whims of the Great Hair Goddess

High density/med-high porosity
Mid back length
Low Poo Renpure Keratin or Dr. Bronners / ACV
CO Renpure (red)
LI EV coconut oil & pure shea butter; Jane Carter revitalizing LI (for beach days)

No cones or animal testing