I'm sort of annoyed 'cause I'm kind of like, thanks, Barry, glad you finally decided to come to the party, but you're a little late ...? Where's he been on this the last four years?

I'm sorry, I just can't get it up to celebrate when someone deigns to start openly supporting my right to marry whomever I fall in love with, even when that person is the President. It disgusts me that this conversation even needs to be had.
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There isn't much he could do on it even if it was a priority for him because he has Congress and state governments to deal with AND he has to win re-election. I doubt in my lifetime, Florida or Ohio pass gay marriage if it remains a state issue. He has win them to be re-elected which is why I wish he would've waited. I don't think this issue alone is a dealbreaker, but it gives more ammo to Republicans to paint Obama as too left-wing for the people or whatever.

Sometimes, I feel like Obama doesn't want to win. He seems so downtrodden, it worries me. I think he's done a lot or tried to do a lot with the Congress he has to work with.

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