I'm sort of annoyed 'cause I'm kind of like, thanks, Barry, glad you finally decided to come to the party, but you're a little late ...? Where's he been on this the last four years?

I'm sorry, I just can't get it up to celebrate when someone deigns to start openly supporting my right to marry whomever I fall in love with, even when that person is the President. It disgusts me that this conversation even needs to be had.
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There isn't much he could do on it even if it was a priority for him because he has Congress and state governments to deal with AND he has to win re-election. I doubt in my lifetime, Florida or Ohio pass gay marriage if it remains a state issue. He has win them to be re-elected which is why I wish he would've waited. I don't think this issue alone is a dealbreaker, but it gives more ammo to Republicans to paint Obama as too left-wing for the people or whatever.

Sometimes, I feel like Obama doesn't want to win. He seems so downtrodden, it worries me. I think he's done a lot or tried to do a lot with the Congress he has to work with.
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I don't think the effect on his campaign is going to be what you think it is, partially because I think the speed at which marriage equality is happening in this country is fairly rapid and at this point inevitable, and partially because I have too much/little (depending on how you look at it) faith in him making decisions based on well-researched political expediency to think he would have done it without the okay of his political advisers. I'm sure this was carefully planned. He's coming down on the right side of history; I used to think I'd be lucky to be able to legally marry a woman in my lifetime, and now I feel relatively certain that I'll be able to in most states by the time I'm ready to get married in five or ten years or so.

That said, politically expedient or not, whether he'd be able to make a difference or not, I think NOT supporting same-sex marriage is failing to stand up for the side of right, and I have serious concerns about the moral integrity of a president who would throw the entire LGBT community under the bus for the sake of his own reelection campaign, or one who didn't believe I should be allowed to get married to whomever I want until yesterday.

Naturally I know perfectly well that expecting more of a president is unrealistic, but I figure that's no reason to lower my expectations.
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