Hmmm... I don't think it was a crafted decision. Joe Biden gave his opinion and people started asking questions about Obama. Obama felt pressured to give an answer. I always thought he supported civil unions, but not gay marriage.

Like I said, I admire him for standing up for his values, but it will hurt. Though I think my gen is a more liberal, a lot of young people have left my state. Blue areas like Cleveland have lost whole districts while the more conservative suburbs have been hit but not as bad. I'm a Democrat in a moderate state, and I don't support gay marriage. I waffled on saying this because I know it's not a popular view here, but it's against my religious values and not something I can in good faith support. I don't however support my state's ban and I support civil unions. I also don't vote for President based on social issues but I will say it's becoming tough to reconcile being both a Catholic and a Democrat. I feel pulled in all directions.