Your daughter is beautiful!

I would try a conditioner like tressamme naturals to detangle with and cowash. (I personally don't use shampoo in any of my kids hair.) I would finger detangle in the bath with her hair soaking wet and covered with conditioner. I would only use a wide tooth comb to style if at all. You can get the seamless ones pretty inexpensive from Sally's.

I use kckt in one of my sons' 3b hair as a leave in and it leaves his hair super soft and moisturised. I've also used curls creme brulee which both my sons love (the other is 3c) because of the smell.

Now my daughter is 4a or b and her hair doesn't like the kckt or the curls products but I've used the tressemme mixed with evco as a LI in her hair. This gives her moisture for days. If you don't like the idea of a rinse out left in, you could also try mixing oils (jojoba, grapeseed evco, etc) with kckt or another leave in.

Also at your daughter's length I'd probably style it into puffs or braid it (cornrows).

I would always be sure to seal in the moisture with oil. My daughter's hair likes grapeseed to seal.

I hope some of this helps you. Best of luck!

eta, btw none of my kids did well with the regular ol' kiddie products but since your daughter is so young (my kids are 3, 6 and 9) if you don't want to use "adult" products shea moisture has a kids line but I haven't tried it.

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