Also, anybody see this article about Mitt Romney being a bully towards an ostensibly gay kid in high school? Mitt Romney’s prep school classmates recall pranks, but also troubling incidents - The Washington Post

I wouldn't be surprised if gay rights end up being the make or break issue in this election after all.
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Ack! That's horrible!

I would love to see gay rights as a major issue this election, and not just marriage equality but the other kinds of discrimination that lgbtq people experience that are not discussed much, like the health inequality, wealth inequality, and greater homelessness that lgbtq people experience.
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SAAAAAAAAME. And bullying. And trans* issues.

Like, obviously I support marriage equality, but it makes me feel a little icky that it's the number one issue we talk about.
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You know why I think it is the issue that gets the most media coverage? Because marriage equality is not an issue that causes many people to feel threatened since it will not take anything away from them. Remedying job and wage discrimination particularly frightens many people because they fear they will lose something if others get their fare share, which is bs of course. I think we'll see issues like bullying and marriage of course addressed long before we see the other issues addressed.
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