Gay marriage is an issue that's tough for me. My issue with legalizing gay marriage is will it force churches to marry gay couples? If our religion doesn't believe in it, our Church shouldn't have to marry gay couples. Likewise, I don't think churches should be involved with the government, either, as in we should not accept funds if we don't want to the government to tell our institutions what to do.
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If it did, I wouldn't support that ...? I don't think most proponents of same-sex couples getting married would want to force any churches to perform the marriages. It's the same as letting Catholic churches turn away non-Catholics who want to get married, to me.
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Also, I doubt same-sex couples will be lining up to get married in churches that object to their right to do so.
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I'm quite sure there are Catholic gay people in the U.S.... seeing as it is the largest Christian denomination. I can imagine not wanting to get married in any other place or at least wanting the Church to recognize my marriage. That's why it is a difficult issue because on the other hand, I don't think churches should be forced to abide by a gay marriage law. If it becomes law, I definitely see how it could be enforced in that way.