Some of my favorite snacks :
Enviro kids crispy rice peanut butter drizzle
- sweets from the earth nanimo bars
-yoso yogurts are okay
Tofutti milk free cream cheese with any type of crackers
Zen pudding
Yves veggie cuisine has pretty good meat replacements
Dayia cheese that actually melts
Terra Nostra rice milk chocolate is to die for!
Thoughd are some really good vegan foods I have tried and have you ever been to a resterante called "kind food"?
Originally Posted by Athenacurly:)
Thanks.I haven't been to that restaurant.

I will get you some recipes iam just not sure where my moms recipe book is and Ian nit sure exactly how they are made sorry
Originally Posted by Athenacurly:)
Okay don't worry i can wait.
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