Your hair in the pic looks a lot like mine. Mine was a tad longer but I cut about 5-6 inches off the back yesterday. Just couldn't stand the stringy ends anymore---am recovering from a HUGE hair loss. Now it's about the same length as your pic (is that called the avatar?---I'm a brand newbie), but red. I don't know what my hair loves yet but, I have ordered some flax seed (golden) and jojoba oil and will mix up the FSG and use a jojoba mixed with other oils to deep condition.

Would you like to be my hair twin?
Have begun the CG process as of May, 2012 and have already gotten my hair from a frizzy 2b-sometimes 2c to a 3a. YAY!!!!:
Tried Wen----made my hair frizzy, but SOFT! Am now using As I Am as a co-wash and Leave-in, and Curls Unleashed Shine and Define Mousse, as well as Plopping. I can't believe my curls are coming back!!!!

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