As far as I know, Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease. I have a patch on my scalp that has bugged me off and on for years. Clobetasol 0.05% helps some, but only if I scratch the plaque off and put it on the raw skin (which burns like hell for a moment). I've tried putting coconut oil on it to no avail. Sunlight is supposed to help, but how? unless you shave your head, right? lol

Psoriasis isn't dryness, although it feels very dry. It is actually a buildup of immature skin caused by the skin reproducing layers faster than they can mature. Moisture doesn't affect the condition, but it make make the skin feel better.

So, being an auto-immune condition, she'd have to figure out what her trigger is. I've gone grain-free for weeks on end and it didn't change my scalp. But modern wheat is awful for us, so she ought to give it a shot. I hope I figure out what my trigger is.
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