Curl Pattern: mostly 2b with a little 2c
Texture: medium
Porosity: medium to high
Elasticity: normal/high
Characteristics:Flat on top for the most part. Funny root curl on one side of my head, one spot that barely waves at all on the other. Canopy is easily weighted down.
CG/ModCG/not CG: CG

Hair ingredient likes: oils, aloe, mag sulfate,
Hair ingredient dislikes: glycerin

Hard/Soft Water: hard i believe

HG/Go-to Products: FSG, AVG, coconut oil (so far I've only tried homeade things but possibly looking into buying soon. I need more hold)

Average climate/dew points: Dry, dew points are typically low

Fall/Winter combos:
still figuring it out
Spring/Summer combos: still figuring it out

Favorite styling techniques and why: Plopping seems to help with not pulling out the curls while drying. Raking in products to distribute well is a must. Lots of scrunching!
Techniques that didn’t work and why: I've tried to diffuse a few times and didn't like it

Hair Twins: new to this so I'm still searching!
Hair: 2b/2c, normal porosity, medium texture, medium density, good elasticity

Co-wash: Tresseme naturals
Condish: TS
Gel: FSG

2ND day:
Spritz with Lavender, add FSG or AVG.

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