Hi! I'm new to makeup. I have some eye shades and a couple lip glosses.both of those pics are of me with no makeup. My face is combination I think. By the end of the night my face is oily.
My questions are: what would be a good foundation color? Someone told me I have yellow undertones? I just want my face to look even and not oily by the time the night is over. And I don't want my face to be a different color than my neck lol!
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Hi! It's hard to rec makeup colors online. But you look like you have a warm undertone. So I'd start with a shade like Nutmeg by Black Opal: Black Opal - True Color Liquid Foundation. Black Opal is sold at WalMart and drug stores, and they have good shades for WoC. Try several shades on in person.

Really, the best way to make sure your foundation looks consistent is to match your foundation color to your chest. Once you find your shade, then apply the foundation to your face, neck and upper chest. That's not practical for most people though!

Also what's the best way to do eye shadow when I want to use two colors? Like pink and gold for example. Everytime I try to use two my lids look overdone and under my eye brow looks weird. Also, as u might be able to tell from the ugly pic lol, my left eye is a little smaller than the other, are there any tips you have for applying makeup for that?
Thanks so much!
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Eta: scratch that, its my right eye that tends to look smaller. Esp when I smile
Ooohhh...pink and gold sounds pretty. Here's what I'd do: Smudge the pink on the outer two-thirds of your lids, blend the edges to soften them, apply the gold into the inner one-third of your lids. Line your lashes with dark brown or black pencil or eyeshadow, and apply mascara!

I see what you mean about having different size eyes. That's pretty common and there isn't much you can do to camouflage it with makeup...

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