Had some time and thought of a few more good ones:

All the guys from the Brady Bunch when they let their hair go natural in the later seasons (also notable are the guys from the Brady Bunch Movie as well).

Another oldie but goodie (though he may not really be much of a celebrity outside the hippie set) is Michael Lang, who is one of the organizers of Woodstock in 1969. He is still rockin' the curls too.

Also Dylan Walsh when he was in Congo (before he chopped his hair for Nip/Tuck)

3a/2c depends on whims of the Great Hair Goddess

High density/med-high porosity
Mid back length
Low Poo Renpure Keratin or Dr. Bronners / ACV
CO Renpure (red)
LI EV coconut oil & pure shea butter; Jane Carter revitalizing LI (for beach days)

No cones or animal testing