Starmie, I feel your pain. I have used this product since forever. The new one is nothing like it. Apparently the company was sold off shore and thats why all their products changed. Luckily I bought about 10 bottles when I found out it had changed and am still using them. I have been trying other products in the lead up to the inevitable change. I have heard from a few experts that NAK has a very similar product. One lady told me it has the same formula. Its called "options". It gives a nice curl but has no crunch or hold. I have been mixing it with my original PPS to bide me some time. Please keep me posted if you find anything you like.
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Hi angwilko how are you? Yes I'm another long time user of the PPS Sculpt it and now I refuse to buy a bottle, even if it was for free, the new formula is pathetic. But there is a product that I now use & love it, which is almost identical to the original formula that PPS use to manufacture and it called SCULPTURIZE by JUUCE. Try is out. By the way angwilko, if u wanna sell any or all of your original bottles of PPS sculpt it, I'll buy them. If your interested, call me on 0419993313 and my name is mark. Thanx