I never used the conditioner, but my family had a huge bottle of the shampoo, and it was so gentle, we also used it on our bodies and faces, hahaha. It got the job done, but it's not drying at all. In fact, my mom said she couldn't use it anymore because it was TOO gentle and didn't quite give her a clean enough feeling.

Alffia has a line just for curls, though, called Beautiful Curls. I used that for a while last year. I loved it then, but after starting CG, I really it dried out my hair. I just didn't realize it because I thought that was normal. The shampoo is excellent for removing build-up, but the problem is that the leave-in doesn't compensate enough for the lost moisture. The leave-in is a great styler, though! If I were to try the line again, I'd get the Alffia EverdayShea shampoo and Alffia Beautiful Curls leave-in.

http://reviews.longhaircommunity.com...hp/product/434 They seem to like it, though(:
2c/2b with some 2a, coarse, dense, thick, low porosity
Growing out a CL bob. Currently at APL.
CG again as of 7/20/12

Cleanser: BRÖÖ Smoothing I.P.A. Shampoo
RO: Trader Joe's Nourish Spa Conditioner
LI: Kinky-Curly Knot Today
Styler: Beautiful Curls Gel for Wavy to Curly Hair

all-natural products, light moisture, humectants, argan oil
silk protein, synthetic ingredients, heavy oils/products, cowashing

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