Oh why oh why do salons think that they stylist that did your hair has to be the one to fix it? This sort of action is nothing new, and it is YOU, US, the customer that has to pay, once again, for the stylists mistake!!! I find it hard to believe this is so hard to understand!

Not only did the owner not listen to what you wanted, they sent the big bad wolf back to your door for more humiliation and embarrassment!!

I have found that stylists don't think twice about lying about their skills. It's happened to me the last two times I've gone. Both stylists said that they knew how to do an ombre color, and neither did!! And then there was the one who said she knew how to cut curly hair, and took out her razor!

I am doing my own cutting and coloring now. Have to tried doing your own hair?
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Yes, some stylists are truly infuriating.

I do trims of my split ends, but I don't know how to give myself a real shaping haircut. I've tried coloring my own hair, but there's just too much of it and I can never cover it all, not even just my roots. Also the color usually comes out way darker than it is on the box, which is why I turned to the professionals.

And thanks Raindear, I hope I taught them something too.
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