Well i can tell you my routine..and ive been doing it for about 6months now and i see dramtically less breakage..even when i blow dry it straight
my hair is shoulder length and is 4b

basically i do the coconut milk/lime relaxer (i substitute coconut milk for coconut cream) and i mix that together and put on my hair before i wash. I leave it on for about 1 hour, then i wash/shampoo it out(dont matter what shampoo you use)..after that i use the giovanni smooth as silk conditioner and i braid my hair while conditioner is in my hair. I leave conditioner on for about 1hour and then wash it out(with the braids still intact)

**Just so you know the coconut milk/lime relaxer is really just a strong conditioner** but it can make your hair appear to have looser curls(like going from 4b to 4a)

Anyway after i wash the conditioner(with braids still intact) i style my hair any way i want..either i braid or twist my hair..OR if i plan on blow drying(because of the heat) i add on the Kinky Curly Leave In conditioner to each braid.
I unbraid and blow dry straight(using fine tooth comb)

Anyway throughout all of this..i BARELY have hair loss!! Even through the blow drying and combing

Now i might advise you depending on how damaged your hair is..you may want to leave the coconut milk/lime relaxer on longer than 1hr.

Anyway when i wear my twist or braids..if i want more moisture in my hair..i just wet my hair with water(natural moisture) and i seal it with coconut oil..(this REALLY moisturizes my hair)..but i stopped using coconut oil because it gave me facial breakouts..
but others use coconut oil to seal the moisture in for their hair and it works great for them.

I have VERy sensitive skin..so it might work for most people. If you have very sensitive skin(that is also oily) i wouldnt use the coconut oil..but it may work for you.