I'm getting tired of henna. Although I like the conditioning effects, it takes forever to wash out and the red color for me is getting to be a bit too much.

I'm really wanting to make the ayurvedic pastes a regular part of my routine. I have been doing an amla, maka, hibiscus paste which I did today. However, I also want to branch out into some other herbs. I bought Rhassoul Clay and I'm going to do a deep treatment with it next week.

I hear alot about the following herbs but am still not sure how to use them: kapur kachri, fenugreek, shikakai, brahimi, marshmallow. Any suggestions on how I can use the herbs to strengthen, moisturize & promote growth would be appreciated. Also, I'd like to know what combinations you use them in and for what purpose.
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I am loving the Rhassoul clay! I deep condition with it weekly.