Honestly i think that many women either dont have time to deal with their natural hair or dont know how to manage it..so they may go back to relaxed..i dont think it's because they like straight hair(in some cases it may be the that they like straight hair) though in others i think it's the fact that they cant manage it well or they dont have the time.

I know that when i become more busy im going back to braids(protective hair style) because i dont have time to deal with my hair like that. And i dont have short hair..it's like a little past my shoulders (and VERY VERY THICK<<people comment about my thick hair ALL THE TIME) and of course natural(i dont use relaxers) and my texture is 4b.

I like braids because they last longer and i can just get up and go..it only takes me about 5min to refresh them in the morning.

So i understand when women say "it's difficult to manage", or "It is time consuming"<<<my main concern btw
I've been natural for over 12yrs now..and honestly i was thinking about getting a relaxer(more like a slight texturizer..just to make my curls a little more loose and easier to just get up and go)

I have never desired straight hair..NEVER ..it is so boring..but i admit that yes i want to manage my hair easier..and i LOVE LOVE my braids..but ive been wearing braids, twist and blow outs for a LONG TIME..so i want a bit of change sometimes