thank you for the welcome Heather. i really feel for you having had that much hair cut off...i dont know how i would have handled that, i have had a hard enough time with a few inches.

i went to the hair shop today to ask for my money back. i told the receptionists how upset i was, how frustrated. they got me calmed down, and to wait for the hairdresser, who has been cutting my hair on and off for the last three years now. i spoke with her about the thinning out, texturizing, and why she did it. she thought it would encourage the curls in the back, and it really wasnt that much. she cut off the bottom just under an inch, and cleaned the sides up from where i had been hacking at it with my sewing scissors. it looks better straight now, and i am just hoping it works out as well curly. i am glad the receptionists got me to talk to her as i dont like being upset with anyone.