Protein treatments are meant for stopping farther damage on your hair and help your hair become resilient from damaging chemicals. It does not help your hair to become thicker nor adds moisture. To help your hair become thicker, you need to use poo & condish rich in vitamin B & biotin.

Porous hair does not like protein. Protein does not add moisture to your hair, it's more so the opposite. Any protein treatment that you use on your hair, you will need to follow up with a deep conditioning humectant afterwards. Your hair will become even more porous if you don't.
Licensed Cosmetologist
Low/Medium Porosity
BC 2004

Currently Using
CoWash - AIA Coconut CoWash
Condish - Sauve Naturals Tropical Coconut
Stylers - FSG, EcoStyler/Aloe Vera gel mixture
Oils - Virgin Coconut oil