I recently just went to a counselor for some depression that I've been having, and in my last (second) session, the counselor (a woman) asked me questions about my personal life as a way to get to know me. She asked about my relationship with my husband, sex, etc (I don't want to get too detailed - just very personal stuff that I felt was not really necessary/appropriate). Right after she asked me the questions, she asked me if I minded. And I said no, I didn't mind. But, the next day I thought about it, and I felt that her questions were really not appropriate for my problem.

What do you think? I really don't feel like going back to her now. What would you do?
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It doesn't seem like a counselor could really help you without getting to know you very personally. Maybe she might be better then the average counselor. If I wondered about anything she asked, I personally would have just asked her why she's asking these questions and how are they related to what I'm here for...she might have a valid answer.