One of the pictures I posted shows my hair when it's very short. As it grows, it curls up and turns into an afro. I've been growing for about 7 months now and what I've been doing management-wise is no longer working. It gets matted down when I sleep, but shampooing it makes everything even out. Of course, the problem with that is that it dries out. Another problem with that is that it's stopped working. I've got more hair now and it seems to fall over a bit and not balance out as easily. I'm also finding that it's getting tangled up. I was hoping to learn how to actually take care of it, but I have a few main questions.

1. What is my hair type?

2. What are the best products for this hair type?

3. What kind of things should I be doing and how often? (Moisturizing, shammpooing, what kind of conditioning, combing? etc.)