First off, this is the NYT Magazine. It's entertainment, not a peer-reviewed research journal. Non-academic publications tend to grossly exaggerate real science to make it sound more interesting.

As with most things, it's nature + nurture. People can have the sort of brain activity found in sociopaths, but not be sociopaths themselves. They had the potential for it, but it was never triggered by environmental factors.

Also, children's brains change so much that it's not appropriate to diagnose them as sociopaths. There's a good chance that they'll grow out of it as their brains mature.
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Um, no, the NYT Sunday mag isn't "entertainment." it's journalism--fact-checked, heavily edited and then copy-edited for accuracy. Obviously it's not a peer-reviewed, academic journal. That's not its function. But it's a highly respected publication. "Grossly exaggerate" isn't tolerated.
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