I too am on a mission of changing my lifestyle to be healthier this year. I started with three goals: quit smoking, eat healthier, and make exercise a daily part of my life. At 30, I finally realized I couldn't have my goal to simply "lose weight". If I could accomplish these three goals together, the weight would take care of itself over time.

Four months ago, I quit smoking real tobacco cigarettes. However, I replaced it with an electronic cigarette that still contains nicotine. I do find myself using it less and less over the weeks. Now, I'm only depending on it during breaks at work, and occasionally in the car.

Three months ago, I cut out all sugar and bread/starches from my diet. Now, my diet consists of lots of green veggies, berries, melons, fish, chicken, and the occasional steak when I'm wanting to a treat.

Ahhhh, and now for the exercise!!! This is the part I'm most excited about. I love dancing! My problem has always been that I would get bored "working out". So, this time I decided I'd start out with playing Just Dance on the Wii. FUN!!! I look forward it every night. A few weeks after dancing an hour or so a night, I added in some stationary cycling. I started with only thirty minutes or so, pushing myself a few more minutes every night. I have quite a bit of stress in my life right now, so my mother suggested I do some Pilates to relax at night. Boy, do I love Pilates! Now...my nightly routine consists of 45 minutes playing Just Dance, 30 minutes of Pilates, and one hour of stationary cycling.

The results of my life change? I'm down over forty pounds, about 20 inches, went from wearing a 28W to about a 22W-24W, and most importantly, I feel absolutely fabulous!!!
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