This is a fun question. For me, it's almost everything. I love many era's in fashion, for several reasons, and can find a particular style from each that I adore.

I have always laughed at myself when it comes to florals. I love them, but I never think traditional "pretty" florals look right on me. They do, but I always feel uncomfortable in them. Strange. I'm fond of the embroidered or abstract/bright big and bold florals of the 60's and 70's. I blame this on my psychedelic floral childhood suit case, which I drug everywhere.
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Sounds like a hippie/bohemian look would be perfect for you! I love Sharon Tate...she is one of my style muses from the 60's.

I love many different eras in fashion as well. Like the drop-waisted dresses of the 20's with the flappers and the slinky dresses of the 30's with actresses like Jean Harlow...the polished looks of the 40's and the glamorous sophistication of the 50's...the mod look of the 60's and carefree spirit of the 70's...the wild styles of the 80's and the sexy-cool urban edge of the 90's.

I like bold floral patterns, too. If I had been around in the 60's and had money, I probably would have had a closet full of Emilio Pucci and other designers with a flair for crazy prints.