Alright, I have only been doing CG for a couple weeks now. I did all my research and read the labels of everything I owned and did a clarifying sulfate wash. I used Deva Curl One C as a rinse out and leave in and then the Deva Care Arc AnGEL. I got results that were better than anything I'd tried pre-CG but I had ordered a bunch of products I was awaiting. While I was waiting I kept up with a CO wash with the OneC and used only the AnGEL. BUT I was a bad girl and did a day or two of using a few spritzed of hairspray that has cyclopentasiloxane. Anyways. After about 6 days I got the itchies. I don't know if that's normal to get while you're adjusting to CG or I've got something going on. Usually loads of cones in my old styler gave me the itchies real bad. I wouldn't think that the small amounts of the hairspray would give enough build up to make me itchy so fast?

So I did a low poo cleanse and started over. I've been working in new products and I like some of them and some I'm not sure about.

What I can't tell is how to tell if other ingredients are bothering me, like glycerin or polyquats giving me problems or over conditioning. I just know when my hair is angry because the curls turn to kinks and waves and half curls and is frizzier.

I also don't know how to tell if my hair needs PT or DT.

These products are what I currently own:
CJ Pattern Pusha
CJ Daily Fix Cleansing Conditioner
CJ Beauticurls Argon and Olive oil conditioner
Curl Keeper
Deva Curl Set It Free
Kinky Curly Knot Today leave in
Curls Goddess Curls.

Also wondering if you ladies use just any conditioner as a leave in or do you have something you specifically use as a leave in? I've been using the same conditioner as a rinse out and a leave in.

Any tips on all of that?