I've always been interested in this subject and think early studies could be very beneficial. The fact that they'll all unavoidably be test groups, until a successful method is established, remains a little unsettling. The words, "this method was once believed to..." did run through my mind.

I didn't find the part about Michael grabbing the recorder and erasing all shocking for a 9 y.o either. Children are not dumb. It was clear that he was working the crowd, but not illogical for him to destroy that proof. The part where his brother suddenly started crying, and he rushed to comfort him, flashing a smile, disturbed me more.

I am also not sure if empathy can be taught. I do believe some learn it later in life, based on personal circumstance, and some just learn to fake it. Perhaps they could do good with some cases.

Personal story time, imagine that. My BFF grew up with non existent parents. They were known to frequently take off for weeks and leave their young kids with no food, money, or transportation. As a result, all 3 children quit school. The oldest, a daughter, had 3 children by age 21. The middle, my Bestie who I adore, has some odd expectations of what the world owes him but faired far better than the rest. The youngest... He grew up killing small animals, refusing to believe love existed, and often saying that he wanted to know what killing someone felt like. He realized his dream at 24. He is at the end of a 12 year stretch for 2nd degree murder. Drugs and his younger next door neighbor were accomplices, but the neighbor only got 4 years. My BFF's bro did change his tune after the fact. He felt and showed remorse. The very charismatic and charming little neighbor boy... If I see him walking down the same street as me, I'm crossing to the other side.

You never know.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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