Wow...I had forgotten all about this. THANKS for the update!

That poor child, with TWO idiot deadbeat parents. I hope the baby-daddy is at least paying child support.
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As far as I know she hasn't asked him for anything. Poor thing is adorable, and is gonna have a a strange life.
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So...because she hasn't asked for anything, that means he shouldn't help raise his own child, even monetarily? He's not only stupid and dumb, he's an ass-hole.
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Oh, this was an old thread bumped by a spammer?
I really hope you're not still in love with / sleeping with this guy, Nej - he sounds like a complete idiot. No one is "on the cusp of a professional hockey career" at 29. And seems while he was sitting there saying this woman was a crazy liar, she was carrying his child... and because she hasn't asked for child support, he thinks he's not obligated to pay it anyway, let alone emotional support?

I don't think being raised by grandparents is so awful, either, if they are a stable influence.
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