Spare another 15 or so?

I will keep looking on F21, but I do like that one.

ETA: I didn't link it. Sorry. I found another one I like more.

Strapless Lace Dress | FOREVER21 - 2002928893
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I saw that dress and thought it was cute. But i'm paranoid about strapless dresses like that because i dont have anything to keep it up. you catch my drift?

How old are you, thelio?

Do you have a sequinny or rhinestony or otherwise super dressy cardi or wrap or bolero...or dressy statement necklace...and dressy heels...and a dressy clutch or minaudierre?.

You might be able to pull that off in black. But I would hide the drawstring under a rhinestone brooch or something.
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I'm 29, but when it comes to dressing up for things like this, I'm just lost. i never really had to!

Alot of things seemed geared to my age group, either looks "too old" or "too young" imo.

I havent shopped for accessories yet, I was going to this weekend.

the drawstring, is really not a drawstring. its more like a tie. i was going to wrap it twice so i could tie it in the back. i have a flower pin I could always use to hide it.

i also have jeweled hair pins i was going to wear. I was going to put my hair in an up due and dress it up with the pins. i got them during prom season. has some cute party dresses with sequins, rhinestones, bows and such. I'd pick something like that.
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Have you ordered form them? how are they at returns??

I like this dress, but once again cant promise it wont fall down.
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That dress is too young, I think.

I am the new Black.

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