The reason for my transition is my desire to restore my hair's health and growth. I've been getting perms since I was 9 or 10. I was 21 when I decided to go natural. Didn't know if it was something I really wanted to do because transitioning is a big step and going natural is a different world from what I was used to. My last perm was in February 2011, after I had a bad experience with a sew-in weave. My hair grows so fast, so I had my new growth straightened til May, when I got my senegalese twists. Kept them in til August, and I loved them, but I made the mistake of washing my hair before coming it out. Painful experience. In October, I realized that my hair was half relaxed half natural, so I got the big chop. Thought I would realize what I'd done and be overwhelmed with regret, but honestly I wasn't. I loved my mini afro. From October to now, my hair has been growing like wildfire, and is now a full grown afro. I wash it every two weeks, oil my scalp every week, and plait my hair every night. Getting marley twists this weekend, and I'm so excited. Made a lot of mistakes during my transition, but I don't regret them. Without the mistakes, you can't learn from them.

Hair type: 4b/4c
Last perm: February 2011
Big Chop: October 2011
Reason for Transition: 1. perm chemicals are my hair's arch nemesis 2. desire to restore health and growth