I dont wear makeup. have never worn makeup. No clue about makeup.

I tend to get shiny. I have a shindig to attend in a few weeks and would like to know what can i use to prevent the shininess. I dont want to wear heavy makeup or even look like im wearing makeup. also i do tend to have break outs and I have blemishes. I wouldnt mind covering those up as well. Any suggestions pleeze!!!
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The easiest thing to do is to use beauty blotters. They're about $5 a pack at WalMart, Target, various drug stores. Don't waste your money on dept stores brands like Mac (which were about $13 last time I checked).

You just press (don't rub) the little sheets onto the oily parts of your face and they absorb the oil. Here's a pic:

As for your breakouts you can blend a little concealer over them to hide them. But since you have a few weeks until your event, maybe you can do an aspirin mask 1-2 a week to help heal them instead. Here's a recipe: http://viviandanger.hubpages.com/hub/famousaspirinmask

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