need advice**Hi everyone**need advice

I just graduated with my master's degree last week at the tender age of 40, and need to transition my look from the office assistant/pt student that I am to the career professional I'd like to be. If nothing else, it's a pep talk for me. I also want to lose 30lbs by this summer/fall, so on-the-go hair would be helpful.

It's not that I don't think curls are professional looking, which is why I am considering an inverted bob. I'm also open to just getting more layers and a trim. Either way, I want to make it an official "cut on the curl" Deva haircut. Any suggestions for stylists in the Syracuse/Liverpool/Skaneateles (CNY) area would be great.

I've been studying the different hair types and their rates of success with the bob, and I am afraid I don't have enough curl to support it. I bet you all will notice I have breakage and need some hydration, so feel free to suggest products and techniques as well.

Hope I can get some advice - don't be shy!
Padawan curly

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