Newbie Here, but not new to the CG method at all!

I actually read the book back in highschool when my stepmom found it, and tried it for a while. It did wonders for my hair! Fast forward through 6 years of getting a bachelor's degree in college. I've fought through depression and anxiety so bad that stress has made hair fall out (helped along by not wanting to do anything, staying in bed for days at a time etc etc) Also compounded by dying, blowdrying, straigtening, years of theatre abuse (other theatre dorks know how bad that can be). today I'm chopping it short into a pixie cut. The roots are healthy and I'm seeing new growth so I'm hoping by starting new the ends won't pull the rest down by being so dead and fried. And it's blasted hot! My hair used to break ponytail holders and now it's just...sad. So here's to a fresh start! I'm hoping that I don't discover that I'm a curly/wavy who winds up with straight hair when it's short. When I was younger with short short hair it would go straight, but I'd brush it straight down and let it dry, so I think it's all about the styling and care! If there are threads lurking around for short haired curlies, let me know. I've been lurking for a couple days, found y'all through the Nopoo subreddit (you may have no idea what that is, but they advertise for y'all like crazy, and you'd love it over there too!) I'm looking forward to a fresh start and learning about this community! I've gotta go get my hair chopped, see you on the flip side
pixie cut (getting it at 12pm est 5/18/12!)
starting no-poo/CG
No routine yet!