By the way, it has no built in bra, which is why I think it fit my friend on the top.
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thats the kind of dress i need!!!

I have been looking aroung online. I think my safest bet would be to pick a dress from Kohls. if it doesnt fit, I can easily get a refund, and i lose nothing. and if nessecary i can order maybe 2 to double my chances of finding the best fit.

These are my top choices:

Pros: color, i can tie the back to tighten,
Cons: I dont know if the black shoes i have with go with it, no accessaries

pros: i really like this dress, tie in the back, may already have shoes
cons: top portion may not fit properly

pros: love the design and coor, have shoes and accessories.
cons: not too wild about the bubble skirt.