Grey's spoiler (in case anyone watches, or hasn't watched, or is behind in the episodes etc)


I hate that April was the one that didn't pass the boards. Why is it always the mean, conniving, law breaking, jerks that get everything that they want. April's been a relatively nice person since she came on the show and now she gets the short end of the stick...

-Meredith broke the law by messing with the trials and she was extremely sick the entire test and didn't she steal something once before? Everyone was willing to stand by her when she screwed up everything but Seattle Grace doesn't want April after one stupid test she can take over next year. They let George take that other test over...
-Cristina is mean and she cursed out the dude (Mr. Feeny!) who was giving the test.
-Karev's been a jerk since season 1 and he was hours late to the test and missed the first section.
Avery....I don't have any major problems with him that I can think of at the moment.
But April's the one that didn't pass...okay.

Why do they always have deep conversations in the operating room in front of everybody....

Omg, Lexie!!!! Wasn't expecting that.

Did think this would be so long. Maybe I just should have started a new
Originally Posted by greenjumper
Yeah I was quite surprised that she failed, then they fired her. Really no one deserved to fail, but if anyone did it should have been Alex. April gets the short end cause she's that kind of person - a short end of the stick taker, lol. Sleeping with Avery is the only thing I've seen her do on the show where she was confident and assured of herself. Just as in real life, the jerks get away with stuff and the nice honest people just get in trouble. Oh well.

I just need Avery to get naked more so the image can fuel my dreams. That is all.
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