Have you tried using the salon finder? That's how I found my salon and I'm really happy with it.
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When you cut your hair, your curls won't be weighed down as much so you shouldn't have any problems. I say go for it!

IMO, cutting your own hair in the back is too hard. Unless you're a straight across cut like in the videos, I think it would be almost impossible to do it well.

When I did the ponytail method, most of my layers were on the top and front. The back of my head was just one layer and it was pretty straight.
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Thank you! I ended up giving in and going to a salon, where it would just take them 20 minutes to do what might take me a lot longer.

I got an inverted bob, which looks cute and will be cool for summer! I have layers on the sides too.

It was interesting because to start the cut, she combed all of my hair to the back, as though she was pulling it into a low ponytail, and made her first cut that way--just like the ponytail method in the video!