Me and my best friend were talking one day and we both stumbled on the subject that both of us had the same problem: Our hair was thick at the roots but got thinner as it got to the ends. My friend has straight, relaxed hair past her shoulders and my naturally curly hair is just a few inches below my ear.

Why is it that both our hair is thinner at the ends. I have natural layers in my hair and I thought that might be the reason but it's also happening to my straight-haired counterpart who has no layers. Not even a bang. Her hair is all the same length.

I read somewhere that tapered hair (The definition I received for tapered was hair thicker at the roots and thinner at the bottom) meant that your hair couldn't grow anymore. I hope that this isn't true because I am trying to grow my curly hair out to past my shoulders and I would be heartbroken if I was stuck with short hair for the rest of my life. (No offense to short-haired girls but I personally don't like short hair, nor can I do many styles with my short hair that I like)

Can someone please help? Thanks you guys.