hahahaha, oh my grandma.... Since I've gone CG and let my hair go curly she's always amazed at it (she used to have curly hair too). Just today while she was visiting she said, "Sara! You should be a hair model..." which is incredibly ironic because many years ago when my hair was fluffy and gross, my parents and I were visiting family in Ecuador (humidity!) and they said, "We (the family) should create a line of hair products, and we can have a picture of you as the "Before" and a picture of Analia (younger cousin with sleek, straight hair) as the "After."

Jokes on you parents!
CG Birthday: 7/25/11
Type 3a/2c
Dense, Fine in front Coarse in back, Low porosity
Low-Poo: SM Moisture Retention Shampoo
Rinse Out: Tresemme Naturals
Leave In: ^^^^
Stylers: AIF, Natural Silks Curly Gel
*Desert Curly*