I don't know if it's just me but i hate when my friends who have wavy hair or just anyone with wavy hair say "oh i like my hair better curly." Also when the complain the talk about there "curls".

And ppl go up to me and say oh how do you get your hair so wavy?!

"Its curly!"
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I completely agree with you. It gets on my last nerve when my friends with a slight wave in their hair complain about their "curls". If they think their "curls" are hard to take care of, they should try taking care of mine!
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This is so absurd.

1. wavy hair is no easier to deal with than very curly hair. In some way, I think it can present more of a challenge as an awkward wave is hard to flatten or rearrange, and waves are inherently unpredictable, whereas with curls you pretty much know what you're going to be dealing with every day.


2. The abstract for the "Hall of Shame" section is (to paraphrase): a place to discuss curl bashing. And yet here is a thread which is little more than bashing--or in the very least belittling--people with a variation of the hair texture that this forum is intended to support.

It's basically, "My hair is harder and so therefore more worthy of consideration than yours, so do not speak to me about the tribulations you might have with your own hair, or in any way relate your hair texture to mine, because you have it all easy-peasy and do not know what follicular suffering is!"

It's hair martyrdom. And it's absurd.
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Uhh .. Did you really just say that curly hair is predictable ? Um no . Sorry to sound rude , but no . I can do something slightly different in my routine , something super small , and my hair will look completely different . I never have hair that looks the same each

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