i have been doing alot of research lately on youtube, here and other sites! i am really shocked at a couple of comments on youtube regarding 'white' mothers being ignorant for having mixed children and how to do their hair! one in particular was:

"I know this is off topic but when i saw the kid and heard your voice i was like im hoping this is not another white mom with a mixed kid and than you showed yourself and im like *sigh* what a relieve haha i know its dumb but i get tired of seeing that and when i see hair care vids on here it just proves that white moms are ignorant and need to do their research before they decide to lay down with a black and have a kid and know how to do their hair. cuz in real life they neglect their mixed kids"

when i read this i was like "wwooww... and us "white" mothers are the ignorant ones!!" i find it soooooo insulting when reading comments like this!
in my opinion a mother is a mother, black, white, purple, pink etc! being born black does not mean that you have all the knowledge on how to look after mixed kids hair, it is very different to "black" hair! everyone's hair in general is different, yes even white people all have different hair types!
i am a FABULOUS mother to my stunning biracial daughter. my husband does nothing for her hair and is clueless when it comes to hair care! i spend hours upon hours researching and talking about biracial hair care, yet i am an unfit mother because of the colour of my skin!!! to me this comment is VERY racist and i am shocked that in this day and age we have people talking like this!
i am actually fuming after reading many comments similar to this... how ignorant!!!