I had an appointment at a salon in Florida which I had called in advance to ask if they had someone who did curly hair. They told me yes and scheduled me with her. I showed up on the day of my appointment and the stylist who does curly hair never showed. Then the stylist that was there asked what I wanted done. I told her I wanted to go from dark brown hair to light ash brown. She said she was an expert at color and that she could do it. Her hair color looked very nice even though it was straight hair. When the color was done she brought me in front of the mirror and she asked me if I comb my hair?? She left my hair soaking wet after adding some gel in it and told me that my hair would look really nice straight and that I should come back so she could help me with that. She then also tried to cut my hair due to the damage from the color and I would not allow it!! By the time I got home my hair was dry and the hair color looked like I had an alkaline battery dropped on my head, very non-uniform color deposits of bleach blonde, orange, and brassiness. Nothing looked ash nor did it have any shade of brown in it. I paid 135 dollars for it and it was a total waste. That same day I went to Walmart and bought Revlon dark brown and put it in my hair and at least it looked normal. I could not be seen in public with the haircolor I left with that's how bad it was! I had to ask my boyfriend and brother to get the dye for me from Walmart.