I agree with Whirlyhair!!! o.o
Ok, I knew a girl who was type 1 and she scrunched her hair with so much gel until she couldn't scrunch anymore. In the end, she had 1C hair and she came to me and said :"My hair is so frizzyy and curly, oh my God, you cannot understand!", That just annoyed me but I let her go.
But she had straight hair, no wavy,
And so, don't care about comments, they're just this: comments. They're not the reality. Who cares if you are type2,3 or 4? You aren't surerly a straight haired girl. I guess everyone of us knows his/her own hair type...but what is important is to know the property of our hair not the type.
This is a community for all those girls who don't know how to style and wash their hair and they get tips&trick that are very useful.
The goal is to have healthy hair.
The type should be the last thing we care about.