If the pics show your current length then it appears you are in an awkward in-between stage. This is normal but you will need to just hang in and don't get discouraged into cutting it off.

Eventually it will be long enough so you can get it braided for a month and let it grow without having to pay too much attention to styling it.

For now I would suggest only shampoo once a week but continue to use conditioner in it like normal whenever you shower.

To style you can either put a lot more of your conditioner back in and let it dry for about an hour or you can use your favorite gel. I no longer encourage using gel because they dry the hair out.

You will need to experiment with the method for applying your styling product so that it looks professionally styled after it dries.

You can try.
Prepare by wrapping a towel or old tshirt around your neck because you will be getting wet.

Step 1. with damp hair apply a lot of your conditioner to your edges. Make sure you saturate the hair good and apply more water if you need.

Step 2. brush down your sides around the edges only. Apply more product if it's not enough to keep it down.

Step 3. Use more conditioner in your palm and rub it into your top hair in a BACK AND FORTH MOTION using just your palms. Keep adding more conditioner an water to cover your entire head and pay extra attention to your crown and back of head.

Yes for now you will still see the conditioner in your hair but follow in the next steps it will dry clear.

Step 4. Let air dry or sit under dryer

Step 5. After its completely dry use your palms to gently break up only the top hair in that same back and forth motion. Dont be too hard in this step cause you still want it to be nice looking. This step will add back the fullness that you want in the top part.

Just a guy with long curly hair

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