I have gotten the weave thing too, from complete strangers: "Is that all your real hair, or a weave?" One time this woman asking me this reached out and touched it. While trying to touch it is rude, I feel like the weave thing is a misinformed compliment-- some people don't know that naturally curly hair can look good, so when they see our curls and like them, they think it must be fake. When we correct them, we're teaching them a lesson.
Formerly Urbancurl.
Medium-high density, fine-medium, low-normal porosity, 3b/c, permanent color.
CG, no heat, combs, brushes, parabens.
Fall/Winter HG=Alba Botanica Soft Hold Style Cream.
Spring/Summer HG=MGA Sculpting Gel
Current fave LI=Madre Labs Made by Nature for Baby Conditioner.
Limit oils, butters, glycerin.